6 Things That Will Make Him Want To Marry You Without Contemplating

6 Things That Will Make Him Want To Marry You Without Contemplating
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This Post: “6 Things That Will Make Him Want To Marry You” is for all the single laddies planing to get married. going into a relationship is not just about having fun but to get the right future spouse.

Am sure that many peoples goes into relationship for the sake of marriage. Its through relationship you will know whether he or she truly loves you or light the kind of person you are.

There is something you must understand as a lady; relationship is not just about you, but about the two of you. you and the man! Try not to be selfish try to understand the man two.

Many peoples are saying (complaining) this person character is not good. Let me tell you, nobody is good but you can make the person good.

Though many men has the interior mindset towards ladies in relationship but let me tell you this, try and see. IF THAT YOUR GUY IS NOT SERIOUS TO GET MARRIED OR NOT PLANNING TO GET MARRIED TO YOU, YOU CAN SIMPLY MAKE HIM TO MARRY YOU IF YOU GENUINELY LOVES HIM.

How? Follow this steps:

  1. Don’t make yourself cheap: Men put a lot of attention and thought process to a women that is not cheap.
  2. Be Matured: let everything you do be matured, let go of childish behavious.


  1. Be Humble: try to be humble in everything, forget about classic lifestyle do some domestic works in his house; that doesn’t make you a slave.
  2. Always be honest. Don’t lie to him, always tell him the truth to build trust in your relationship.


  1. This Is very serious; no matter what be Faithful to him, never do or plan to cheat on him, it will reduce your value and the devil might see it as the opportunity to ruin your relationship. Don’t do that, you might not escape it and even though you do, you will loose your value even in God’s sight.


  1. The last one: which is Don’t ask him for money; this is the area many laddies fails, I know money is very important in a relationship and its the responsibility of every man to provide for his woman.


  1. Men will not tell you this, they takes any woman that doesn’t ask for money very serious. Try to be amenable, you don’t need his money for anything, tell him all you need is love though you need money but don’t be carried away, this is a test even though he gives you try to reject as essential.Don’t use the impression of his wealth to collect big money from him, teach him how to manage his money. I bet you that Man will never leave you. But if your eye is still on his money and think it is his responsibility to take care of you, he will use you and pay you off and it resoluteness to heart break. Men brakes heart when they realized you have nothing to offer to their future. Also read: 20 Ways To Make Your Husband Happy Always

    If you can follow this steps, the man will want to marry you, if you have any question comment below.


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