Why You Should Not Eat In People’s House Again: A Must Read For EveryBody

Why You Should Not Eat In People's House Again: A Must Read
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Many people will not understand this but keep reading you will know what I mean (why you should not eat in peoples house again)

Though there is love in sharing, eating in your friends, family house is not bad, in fact eating in anybody’s house is not bad but let it has limit so that they will value you.

Is not every body’s house you should eat. Before you eat, check the condition of that person.

I know about some peoples no matter how they eat in their house if they visit another person’s house they must. Am not saying that is bad but before eating in anyone’s house use your brain even though you are invited. You visit someone around 3: 00 pm and the person is soaking garri in water, and he asked you to come and eat, your mind should tell you that this person has not eating since morning, even though you are hungry and you have hope than the other person tell him or her thank you. Because I know some peoples will still eat even though they just finished 2 rounds from their home.

You visit some one at home or School in the afternoon cooking food that you know it will not satisfy one person. Your mind should tell you that it could be his last food, or it could be that some one gave him the little food. Though him or her will invite you to join and after both of you ate, no one satisfied and you go back to your home and top up. Did you consider where the other person is going to eat again?

I am not saying that you should stop eating in your friends house but check if the food will be enough for both of you if not you will be satisfied, happy and him or her will not. I hope you get my point?

Let me say this: for example, you visit your friend’s house,you know within yourself that you have eaten today. You saw him cooking eba with one cup of garri that will not be enough for one person, you till join him to finish it. That is not good please consider other peoples too.

This acts is common among students in the name of wisdom, they are saving their money to buy the latest phone and be eating from other peoples pot, that is not wisdom its lack of conscience and foolishness. So be wise today! Hope you get my point? Comment your point below.

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