The Three Words. Women, Politics, Society. By Okeyi Ojotule Comfort

Novel: The Three Words. Women, Politics, Society. By Okeyi Ojotule Comfort
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The teacher comes into the class, he needs to choose a class representative, he throws the question of choice to the class, they all call the name of a boy. He wants to choose an assistant class representative, they all chorus the name of a girl. It’s a reflex. They didn’t need to think twice to mention the name of a boy.

I went to NYSC orientation camp and my platoon inspector announced she needed a platoon leader, a guy was chosen, assistant platoon leader, a lady was chosen.

I got to my CDS, i met a lady overseeing the affairs as the vice president because the president who was a guy had earlier
passed out. My CDS coordinator came in, in one of our CDS and said she needed to choose a president. I was expecting that she would automatically make the vice president the president and choose another person as a vice president. But No, she said she needed a male to be president. so she choosed her male president and same time killing the vibrant spirit in this lady, making her feel she is incompetent and lack what it takes to be president simply because she has a different genital.

While growing, i thought that Presidents/
Governorship and other important political positions were meant for Men. I grew up to see women go for political party meetings only when they were salts, rice, other food items or money to share. I never developed interest for politics. That was how my society and the environment i grew up modeled my thinking.

Today, i actually hate the fact that i didn’t develop interest for politics early enough.

The society has been modeled to accept an incompetent Man at the helm of affairs than a competent Woman. She may have all the qualities to lead but then i hear unguided phrases like “an ordinary woman”? In a country where the voting population of both male and female is almost equal, statistics reveals that women are yet to occupy up to 15 percent of elective positions and this have alot to do with our up bringing.

Like me, many women grew up not having interest for politics. Just behave well and get married are the advice i hear everyday.
There is zero sensitization and motivation for the girl child to engage her self in politics.

We should be able to motivate young girls to develop interest in politics and i hate that anyone should kill the spirit of the few females who has interest for politics and leadership positions, limiting their positions into vice and assistants. If they have the quality, let them lead.

With me, the mistake won’t happen again. As a retaliation, I’m educating and sensitizing any young girl affiliated to me. If i touch two,and two is able to touch two, in 10 years time, the force will become fierce, the one you can’t reckon with.

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