Novel: The Three Words. Women, Politics, Society. By Okeyi Ojotule Comfort
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Sensitive me traveled for 2 hours and 45 minutes on the 15th of February 2019 from my PPA to the local government i was posted, to perform my duty as an Adhoc staff in 2019 general election.

With my bag as pillow, bare floor as family bed, secondary school building as my inhabitation and the teeth of the cold squashing my body, “isn’t it a night? It’s just a night . Bear it” i whispered to my weary self to encourage me!

An hour into my sleep, i was awoken by noise from other Corps Members. Alas! “It’s Morning. We will get this done and go back to our various abode” i said to my friend as my heart rejoiced and my body murmured for being dealt a blow on the floor.

Checking my watch, 3:05 a.m it reported, this is too early for a polling unit wake up call i thought silently before noticing that the noise that woke me was turning to more of a furious vent. “What is it? ” i asked
Shock of the century…Joke of the Day… Or April Fool i didn’t know What to tag it.

Insensitive INEC have postponed the election, and the security personnel/INEC Official who conveyed us to our RAC centre/Secondary School Inhabitation in the heart of Ijebu-Igbo have disappeared, moving away with their vehicles.

My heart raised on hearing this. Anyone who definitely have heard of Ijebu have heard of something. They are well known for their Proficiency in Warlock and of course, it’s the nest of Pant stealers… I mean, this is where they bring this pants. Without a personal proof, but that is what we hear from virtually everyone who brings Ijebu Land to discuss. And this is not just Ijebu city, it is Osun, an interior Ijebu where we all were strangers and the acclaimed INEC security personnel have eloped, leaving us to our fate.

OMG! I gasped! With prayers in our heart, 6:a.m finally came and with no vehicle to convey us and unavailability of taxi and bike riders, we engaged in a 55 minutes endurance trek to the INEC office where we struggled to get our training allowance to enable us travel back to our various PPAs.

The postponement of the 2019 general election only proved INEC’s incapability flowed from National to their local offices. At the local offices, people still bribed their ways in to become Adhoc staff, replacing names of Corps Members with that of their Client. Despite the fact that billions of naira was budgeted for the exercise, there is no comfortable or something close to comfortable accommodation for Adhoc staff. Well they believe Adhoc staffs are been paid for their job and their comfortability and how they choose to sort themselves is non of their business.

But have they thought? If everyone decides that INEC should keep their money and refuses to participate, who then becomes the Adhoc staff. Without Adhoc staffs, election can’t hold. it shows how much they are important to the exercise and there is need for them to be cared for adequately. Also Read: The Three Words. Women, Politics, Society. By Okeyi Ojotule Comfort

The INEC scenario
rightly interprets P. O. C Umeh’s Ambassadors of Poverty.
“Ambassadors of poverty are
The saviours of the people
Office loafers in the guise of workers
Barons of incompetence
With kleptomaniac fingers
And suckling filaments
Position occupants and enemies of service
Locked in the corrosive war of corruption
With their people’s treasury
And killing their future
Ambassadors of poverty are
The corrupt masters of the economy
With their head abroad
And anus at home
Patriots in reverse order
Determined merchants of loots
Who boost the economy of their colonial order
To impoverish brothers and sisters at home”.

Written By Ojotule Comfort

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