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4 Online Businesses You Can Start With Your Mobile Phones And Make Good Money Free

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If you follow this article well you will know how to make money online without a computer, with your mobile phone you can still make money on the Internet.
There are many genuine online businesses you can do with a computer or a mobile phone.

1. Affiliate marketing: you can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing program without investing any money. Making money from affiliate programs is very easy no investment and laptop is not necessary. See How To Start Affiliate Business And Make Money Online

2. Writing: you can make a lot of money from writing books, if you have passion for writing take advantage of this. Even though you don’t have a computer to type the contents, you can type it from any computer center and save it to your phone, then you can publish the book online. When I started writing books i did not have any computer, I do go to cafe to edit the book before publishing.

There are many websites that you can publish your books online free and they help you to distribute the book to all the retail channels and all the record of your sales will be updated in your account. See: How To Publish Your Books Online Free With Create Space
You can publish your books on, amazon
Com, etc.

3. YouTube Business: you can start a YouTube business without investing any money and without a computer see: How To Make Money On YouTube Free: 4 Steps to Start A YouTube BusinessBusiness

4. Blogging Business: Blogging Business is one of the most lucrative business online, you can make a lot of money from blogging. See What You Need To Know About Blogging and What You Can Do With It

Many peoples think that without a laptop computer they cannot have a blog but that is a big NO! You can start a blogging business with a mobile phone. All you need is a smart phone, hosting and domain name to get started. See How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money With Your Computer Or Mobile PhonePhone

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