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Google Adsense Approval Trick To Get Your New and Old Blog Approved Without Stress

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Getting Google adsense approval have become so difficult for many bloggers but I want to tell you today that getting Adsense approval is very easy if you can follow this adsense approval trick.

You might have tried all the requirements. Having enough posts, having About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Page but still getting rejected. Don’t be panic follow this steps:

  1. Make sure you have About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages on your site.
  2. Use a simple and responsive design; use two column theme.
  3. Have a quality and original contents;

    I know you must have done all these but still get rejected and adsense might not gives you the clear reasons why your application was rejected. The worst rejection message adsense can give is “Site Does Not Comply With Adsense Policy” you don’t even know the policy you are violating and this have gotten many bloggers frustrated. Also Read: Another Easy Method to Get an Adsense Approval Fast Have Been Discovered

    Let Me give You the Adsense Approval Trick Now:

    You learn t that you need enough contents before think of adsense application but I want to tell you that, that is the reason you are not getting approval. Adsense doesn’t need plenty contents to get approval check this my site I applied for adsense the same day I purchase the domain name with about 12 short posts I typed down. Few days later I received a message that my account have been approved and ready to show ads. I did the same for many peoples and all got their approval without stress.

    See why I said you should not have plenty contents before you apply for adsense; if you have like 100 posts and adsense disapproved your account that site does not comply with adsense policy, how would you know the particular contents that are violating the law? It could be one content but you don’t know.

  4. But if you apply with 12-15 contents and you received a disapproval message, it is very easy to trace the problem. If they said not enough content, add like 5 and apply again. If they said your site have violated one of their policy it will be very easy to trace the issue.

But having plenty contents before applying for adsense can frustrated you. For your information adsense doesn’t needs thousands of traffic to get approval again. If I can get approval with just a day old domain name, traffic is not that necessary. Also Read: See Steps on How To Make Money From Google Adsense

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