Piggyvest Review

Piggyvest Review

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Piggyvest Review – The best saving and investment platform to earn online

With our Piggyvest Review you will get to know if it’s really the best platform to save and earn money online.

A lot of people just like you come across online platforms of making money such as Piggyvest, Opay, ChipperCash etc and you bear this burden in mind to know if the platform is Legit or Scam. This makes you  anxious to know Piggyvest Review.

It’s really a big loss spending your time and money on a platform that ends up being a scam thereby, not paying you your earnings or not fulfilling their promises at all.
This prompt for making research before jumping into online earning platforms in order not to make big mistakes that makes you feel bad.

Brief introduction – Piggyvest Review

Piggyvest was launched in 2016 and has been working for about four years now. It’s Office is located at No.16 Boyle street, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

This platform is said to be the first online savings and investment app/website in West Africa.

Piggyvest renders arrays of service that one will really like to pertake aside serving as platform for saving with high interest.
Piggyvest helps you to save money overtime and when you are ready to cashout the money, you get it with interest.

Commercial banks give you a maximum of 4% interest on savings from which you are being charged for ATM card maintenance fees and other fees thereby, reducing earning interest of your money.
With piggyvest you get between 10% to 12% interest for saving your money without any charge and you also receive bonus at regular interval thereby, increasing your earnings.


How it works


  • Fill in the registration form and submit.


  • Go over to your E-mail and click on the verification mail sent to you to verify your account.


  • Login to your dashboard and link your BVN


  • Fund your Flex wallet to redeem your your Sign up bonus.


  • Refer friends to earn more, you earn #1000 per referral.


  • You can save your money to earning interest.


  • Finally, You can withdraw your earnings anytime straight to your bank account.


Piggyvest Features

There are amazing features in this platform that enhance earning process with productive results. Stick with me as I take you through this amazing features.




This feature enables you to save money by choosing an amount of money to save from your bank account setting a stipulated date for free withdrawal.
Any attempt to withdraw outside the stipulated date attracts a 5% charge.



This feature is similar to a fixed deposit account that allows you to lock funds for a duration of 10 to 1000 days without having access to unlock funds outside the stipulated date. The minimum fund you can SafeLock is #1000 and the minimum duration is 10days.


Piggy Flex


This feature allows you to transfer, accept and build emergency funds easy without charges. It operates on the basis of 10% interest on any amount of money you deposit.

How to fund my flex wallet

To fund your flex wallet, simply link your BVN to your piggyvest account to get your unique Flex account number.BVN
Once this is done Login to your Banking App, go over to transfer funds and input your Flex account number in the required field and select your providous bank as the recipient bank.
Follow through with the required steps for funds to be transferred from your bank account to your Flex account.

Investment Program


This feature allows you to invest in agricultural productions, Farm productions and industries. You can invest a certain amount that will be used to farm and you get paid with a 20% interest after a duration of 9 months.

Piggy Points & Rewards

This feature rewards user for saving consistently. For you to qualify for earning points you need to save at least #2,000 at once in your piggyvest wallet.

Referral Program


Piggyvest is a platform where you can earn by referring others to join the amazing platform.
Whenever you invite somebody into the platform you earn #1000
And your referrals also earn #1000 after a complete sign up and verification.


How to Withdraw

You can easily withdraw your funds at any point in time by requesting withdrawal to your bank account. You can also withdraw your referral earnings provided your referrals have completeeed the sign up process and verified their account.
Logically if you refer about 30 person’s you will be withdrawing a passive income.
If you are inspired by this post click here to get started.

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