How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers: Secret

How Do Facebook Accounts Get Hacked

Hacking of Facebook account has become something else nowadays, despite of the strong security Facebook has they are still hacking people’s account. Some times you wonder How do Facebook account get hacked self. Is very simple. Hackers are using a simple Tricks base on your ignorance. one of the most reasons Facebook account are being hacked is because YOU ARE USING YOUR PHONE NUMBER AS YOUR PASSWORD. Before anyone could register for a Facebook account, he or she must provide a phone number or an email. This phone number you…

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A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking- Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook speaks on how is privacy focus will be for social networking. he said: My focus for the last couple of years has been understanding and addressing the biggest challenges facing Facebook. This means taking positions on important issues concerning the future of the internet. In this note, I’ll outline our vision and principles around building a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform. There’s a lot to do here, and we’re committed to working openly and consulting with experts across society as we develop this.•••Over…

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